8Hertz – Just Intonation. Puntata del 9/3/2017

Harry Partch – Eleven Intrusions_1. Study on Olympos’ Pentatonic
Harry Partch – Eleven Intrusions 2. Study on Archytas’ Enharmonic
La Monte Young – The Well Tuned Piano Disc 1 (excerpt)
Ben Johnston – Suite for Microtonal Piano (1977) – II. Blues
Black Flag – Slip it in
Harry Partch – Eleven Intrusions 3. The Rose
Terry Riley – Return Of The Ancestors
James Tenney – Septet for Electric Guitars
Kyle Gann – Dark Forces Signify
In Forma Di Critalli – Undifluus
Glenn Branca – Second Movement
Swans – The Seer Returns

8Hertz – 8siders. Podcast della puntata del 2/3/2017


Ghédalia Tazartès – Une Éclipse Totale De Soleil Part 2
Harry Partch – Chorus of Shadows
Morton Subotnick – Touch part 1
Nurse With Wound – Six Buttons of Sex Appeal
La Monte Young – The Theatre of Eternal Music – The Fire Is A Mirror
Charlemagne Palestine Three fifthswmv
Jeff Gburek & Filippo Panichi – In The Place of a Vain Search For an Image of The Age
Moondog – Invocation
Prima_Materia – Live in Roma, 17/1/1976

8Hertz – Musica Da Camera (privata). Podcast della puntata del 23/2/2017

– Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love For Planet Earth
– Earth – Harvey (remixed by Justin Broadrick)
– Dead Can Dance – Fortune Presents Gifts not According to the Book
– SoiSong – Amkhapaa
– Akkord – HTH020 The Haxan Cloaks Cloud Of Witness Houndstooth
– Ryoji Ikeda – Datamatrix
– Rachel’s/Matmos – The Precise Temperature Of Darkness