8Hertz – Heavy Psychedelick. Podcast della puntata del 20/10/2020

8Hertz ritorna con una puntata per rockers, doomers e guitar heroes. Pesanti però.

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Elder – Voodoo Child (Slight Return)
Acid Mothers Temple — Pink Lady Lemonade (live)
Mastodon – This Mortal Soil
Satan’s Satyrs – Electric Witchwhipper
The Stone Roses – Daybreak
Earthless – Flower Travelin’ Man

8Hertz – Podcast della puntata del 21/11/2019

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– Electric Wizard – We Live!
– Mazzy Star – Mary Of Silence
– Lightning Bolt – Over The River And Through The Woods
– The Birthday Party – Jennifer’s Veil
– Jucifer – The Mountain
– Einsturzende Neubauten – Headcleaner
– Jesu – Wolves

8Hertz – Superpeso. Podcast della puntata del 15/11/2016

Doom, sludge, drone, oscurità e epicità
nei percorsi mentali e cutanei di 8Hertz.

Gufonero – Imperituro
La Cuenta – Non Sottovalutare l’Importanza Dei Demoni
Monarch! – Of Night With Knives
Sunn O))) – Aghartha
Si Non Sedes Is – La quinta musicale il calore e il colore verde
Nadja – Now I Am Become Death the Destroyer of Worlds
Noothgrush – 8D8

8Hertz – Hip Hop abstract e sperimentale. Podcast della puntata del 29/06/2017

Adrian Younge – Turn Down The Sound
Peanut Butter Wolf – In Your Area (feat. Planet Area)
Quasimoto – Basic Instinct
DOOM – Gazzillion Ear
J Dilla – Nothing Like This
Mike Ladd – How Electricity Really Works
Papa M – Krusty
cLOUDDEAD – Pop Song
Odd Nosdam – Profane Bong Sue
Company Flow – Bad Touch Exemple
El-P – Talismanian Pain Coaster
Massive Attack & Mad Professor – Moving Dub
Oh No – Madness
Oh No – Heavy
Gonjasufi – Kowboyz And Indians
Peanut Butter Wolf – Casio

8Hertz – Podcast della puntata del 4/5/2017


Nudist – Strenghtless
Hate & Merda – L’Inesorabile Declino 3.0 Live Disintegrate
Void 00 – Pleasant Trip
Matteo Bennici – Riot Song
Bologna Violenta – Sigle di Telefilm
Chinsniffer – Pleph Insertion
Chinsniffer – Inverted Scanners Head
Mr Marcaille – Live excerpt