8Hertz Dentz – Podcast della putnata dell’11/01/2018

Dance oscura, techno e sperimentazioni per corpi nervosi e afflitti.

Lutto Lento – It’s A Horror And It’s A Wonder
Akkord – Navigate
Lorn – Upside Down Cops
Raime – Exist In The Repeat Of Practice
Alessandro Cortini – Nonfare
Prurient – Palm Tree Corpse
Peaches – Convincing People
The Bug & Earth – Don’t Walk These Streets
JK Flesh – Tamiflu

8Hertz – Musica Da Camera (privata). Podcast della puntata del 23/2/2017

– Fuck Buttons – Sweet Love For Planet Earth
– Earth – Harvey (remixed by Justin Broadrick)
– Dead Can Dance – Fortune Presents Gifts not According to the Book
– SoiSong – Amkhapaa
– Akkord – HTH020 The Haxan Cloaks Cloud Of Witness Houndstooth
– Ryoji Ikeda – Datamatrix
– Rachel’s/Matmos – The Precise Temperature Of Darkness