8Hertz – Hip Hop abstract e sperimentale. Podcast della puntata del 29/06/2017

Adrian Younge – Turn Down The Sound
Peanut Butter Wolf – In Your Area (feat. Planet Area)
Quasimoto – Basic Instinct
DOOM – Gazzillion Ear
J Dilla – Nothing Like This
Mike Ladd – How Electricity Really Works
Papa M – Krusty
cLOUDDEAD – Pop Song
Odd Nosdam – Profane Bong Sue
Company Flow – Bad Touch Exemple
El-P – Talismanian Pain Coaster
Massive Attack & Mad Professor – Moving Dub
Oh No – Madness
Oh No – Heavy
Gonjasufi – Kowboyz And Indians
Peanut Butter Wolf – Casio

8Hertz – Afa: puntata del disagio estivo del 22/06/2017

Firehose – Sometimes
Experimental Dental School – Earthquake
Honeybird & The Birdies – East Village
Mike Watt – Drove Up From Pedro
Tricky – Ponderosa
Gonjasufi – Kobwebz
David Thomas And Two Pale Boys – Man In The Dark
Ministry – Friend Of The Devil
Tim Buckley – Strange Feelin
Mad Season – Long Gone Day
Throbbing Gristle – Hot On The Heels Of Love

8Hertz – Podcast della puntata del 4/5/2017


Nudist – Strenghtless
Hate & Merda – L’Inesorabile Declino 3.0 Live Disintegrate
Void 00 – Pleasant Trip
Matteo Bennici – Riot Song
Bologna Violenta – Sigle di Telefilm
Chinsniffer – Pleph Insertion
Chinsniffer – Inverted Scanners Head
Mr Marcaille – Live excerpt

8Hertz – Tales from the Green Box Vol1

Nel chaos del Green Box e del Monotron ascolterete: Weedeater, Bongzilla, Cypress Hill, naotodate, eyehategod, brani e discorsi tratti dai film “Vita da Bohème”, “Leningrad Cowboy Go America”, “La Fiammiferaia” e “Calamari Union” di Aki Kaurismäki.

8Hertz – After Your Death. Podcast della puntata del 20/04/2017

Jarboe and Justin K Broadrick – Decay
Timber Rattle – Beast of Passage
Khanate – Wings from Spine
Coil – Amber Rain
Galas – Verrà La Morte E Avrà I Tuoi Occhi (live)
Zu – A Sky Burial
Indian – Rape
Mika Vainio – In Silence a Scream Takes a Heart
Psychic TV – After Your Death, She Said

8Hertz sulla neopsichedelia. Podcast della puntata del 13/04/2017

Thee Hypnotics – Soul Accelerator
Spacemen 3 – Rollercoaster
Psychic TV – Unclean
The Black Angels – Young Men Dead
U.S. Christmas – Silent Tongue
Hope Sandoval The Warm Inventions – Suzanne
The Bevis Frond – House of Mountains
Slowdive – Primal
Bloody Valentine – When You Sleep
Jesus and Mary Chain – The Living End
Loop – Fade Out